What did Steve Jobs have in common with Katy Perry?

Steve Jobs and Katy Perry might seem like an odd comparison to make. But, we can learn a lot about bringing personality in our presentations by understanding their styles. Content is not what we are looking at here.

Jobs was an expert in simplifying technology. In his understated jeans and t-shirt, Jobs made Apple accessible yet appealing from the tech savvy to the fashionista. Notice how Jobs knows his product at the back of his hand. He interacts with the iPad with ease and confidence sitting on a couch. He makes a “sales pitch” so believable and he does it will complete humility.

On the other hand, Perry brings alive her lyrics with a complete sensory experience. Can you imagine what her performance would be without these effects? She goes all out and gives the audience what they want. 

So, bring your own personality into your presentations. You need to find your own style and connect with your audience. Then, and only then are you on the way towards a “killer”  presentation.


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