A Killer Presentation starts with you!

Welcome to my blog.

I am really happy to start a conversation with you about a topic that I am so passionate about- presentations. Simply put, a presentation is one of the most natural ways to influence someone and persuade them to buy into your idea, proposal or product. Did you know that presentations are the most used communication tool in the corporate world after e-mails?

A way of lifeAnd, it is not limited to just us in the Marketing and Sales world. Be it Medicine, Space Exploration or Politics, presentations are just a staple. In my own work, I think easily about 60% of my time goes towards presentations- both as a presenter and as part of an audience. But, let’s be honest with ourselves. How many impactful presentations do we come across? I am talking about presentations in which you are totally “locked in” and not thinking about watering the plants, enjoying a latte or texting an old friend.

In my experience, very few presentations are truly remarkable. And that’s a pity.

There are many experts who have their views on this. A lot has been written and a lot has been said. But, I believe the main reason is we put on a “corporate skin”. In the big corporate world, we are formal, unadventurous, and aloof and like to use big dictionary words. It’s a type of culture which we check-in and check-out of every day.  I guess it is linked to fitting in and not sticking your neck out. Corporate culture is important, and I am not suggesting that we rebel against it. However, we are each unique and that is the essence of self we should not loose.

Dont be a Robot

If all presentations had to be the same, then we could hire robots to simply read off the slides. It’s the person behind the slides, the stories and experiences which captivate us. We have an obsession with content, but almost little to no obsession about how we can creatively transmit that content to our audience.

So, if you want elevate the impact of your presentations, then, start by being authentic. Bring yourself back.


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